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The end of 90mm framing with Kim Aitken (Truss House)

June 23, 2023 Pryda ANZ Season 2 Episode 8
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The end of 90mm framing with Kim Aitken (Truss House)
Show Notes

In this episode we’re pleased to welcome back Kim Aitken, the founder and co-director of Truss House. This time we’re tapping into Kim’s knowledge of building science, design and regulation, and her experience in the Canadian and New Zealand markets to help us explore the question “is this the end of 90mm framing?” 

Kim believes that the global network of Frame and Truss designers, fabricators and merchants hold the key to ending an era of code minimum homes. Her journey brought Kim from her home country of Ireland to Scotland to study engineering and onto Canada to work as a specialist structural design engineer.  

Tackling structural and sustainable design in a region known for 6-month winters gave Kim a profound understanding of the risks sub-par housing can pose to individuals and communities, which inspired her to design and patent the Truss House systems (known in Canada as Aitken Frame Homes).   

On a mission to introduce Truss Housing to the Asia Pacific region, Kim realised New Zealand would be her future home, securing a place there as an Edmund Hillary Fellow which honours her commitment to creating more sustainable and climate resilient housing outcomes for ANZ and the world. 

Show notes and further reading
Truss House website
New Zealand Building Code Regulations 

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